Demystifying Tech Applications: Increase Your Visibility

GSB 124

Applying for roles at tech companies can be daunting and the process can be opaque: it can put you off when you might be looking at your dream job! With our complex histories and knowledges women of color are poised to enhance the capabilities and cultures of tech companies and build solutions to unaddressed problems.

This interactive workshop seeks to demystify the application process and offer tips and tricks for finding roles that are within your reach, how to give your application and materials the best chance possible to pass screenings, and how to connect and work with recruiters. We will also talk about how to identify skills to add to be more competitive for roles you want.

This workshop is for women with “nontraditional” career backgrounds who are skilled but may be overlooked in the tech recruiting process because they don’t fit culturally biased notions of the “right” job and education history.

You will have the option of being part of a contact list to continue polishing your material with peers and joining an optional session after the conference to edit your resume, portfolio, and LinkedIn profiles & get feedback and analysis to improve materials.