Ajuna Kyaruzi

Site Reliability Engineer

Ajuna Kyaruzi is a Site Reliability Engineer at Google, where she works on the team responsible for building, deploying, monitoring, and maintaining of Linux Virtual Machines supporting some of the largest software systems in the world. Kyaruzi was born and raised in Tanzania and a graduate of Grinnell College. Currently based in Brooklyn, New York, Ajuna enjoys reading, travelling, and exploring her digital and physical communities in her free time.

My Sessions

My Sessions

How to measure your service’s reliability and why

GSB 109

Site Reliability Engineering (SRE) is what you get when you treat operations as a software problem. Good products are reliable but most engineers don’t think about how to maintain their services until after initial development. Using error budgets and SRE best practices can improve the reliability, maintainability, and even feature velocity of products. This talk […]

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