Raquel Romano

Raquel Romano is a principal engineer at Threadloom, a startup connecting people around common interests through communities in online forums. She was previously the engineering lead for vets.gov and served in the United States Digital Service, whose mission is to modernize delivery of healthcare and benefits to Veterans on. She spent 10 years as a software engineer at Google building products involving machine learning, accessibility, and social impact. She helped found Latinas in Computing and is an advocate for those entering the tech industry through nontraditional paths.

My Sessions

My Sessions

Balancing Technical You vs. Community You

GSB 125

We talk about work-life balance all the time, but what about work-community balance? At different points in our careers, we are drawn to different movements, organizations, campaigns, or projects that resonate with us. At first, we may seek those communities for support, and then later find ourselves are the ones offering support, guidance, expertise, or […]

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